How much for a website (or logo, poster, brochure, etc…)?

Unlike typical businesses, I don’t have a price list per se. Every job is a custom job. I set my price based on complexity, scope, whether I’ll need to bring in some help, and most importantly, hours. I have an hourly rate that I abide by and do some fancy calculations (and digging into my time-tracking software) to see how long a comparable job took me to complete.

Why should I have a Retainer Contract?

Let start this by answering a question with a question, shall we? (Alright…2 questions.) Do you ever wish you could have an in house graphic (and/or web) designer to help you maintain your website, put together a brochure, design a logo for a new campaign you are launching, or whatever else seems to pop up in your business world? You basically have access to a graphic designer when you need it without the hassle of finding one and then negotiating a fair price.

What do you get with a retainer contract?

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Website Maintenance
  • Mailing List maintenance
  • SEO Optimization
  • Phone and email support
  • All of this at a predetermined low monthly fee.

Can you just do like a mock-up, and if I like it, I’ll hire you?

I don’t do spec work (that’s what this is called), unless I’m charging for it. Please have a look at my portfolio to see what I can do.

Do you do photography?

Sure do! That was my minor back at ol’ Murray State University.

What about video? I mean, that’s just like shooting 30 photos per second, right?

Absolutely! That was actually my major back at MSU. Shooting, editing, producing, everything but weddings!

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment, but I’m always looking for talent. So go ‘head…send that resume (and really… I want to see your work more than your education, so send a link to a portfolio or enclose a PDF in your email!)

How do you charge for smaller things, like updates?

In U.S. Dollars.

But seriously folks, If I’m doing an hourly project, I bill in 15-minute increments. If you ask me to make a change to your website that takes 10 minutes, you’ll be charged for 15 minutes. Contact me for my hourly rate.

The dumb jokes…they’re free!

Can we work out some sort of trade?

We can talk about it, but history has shown me that someone always feels shorted in these arrangements. Money usually speaks louder than an object or service. But hey, I’ll keep an open mind. Try me!

What’s the process for building my website?

Once I have all your collateral (logos, photos, some direction), I will provide a mock-up. Usually the mock-up will be just a single graphic. No buttons will work, the rollovers will not be in place. This just gives you the opportunity to approve the “look and feel”. The sections of the website should be hashed out in this process as well.

Once the initial mock-up has been approved, I will then put the rollovers and/or buttons in place. Once this “secondary” mock-up is approved by the client, I will then make a template for which all other pages will be based on and the content will be placed in.

Do you do web hosting?

Yep, through EggMan Hosting (obviously affiliated with Hatch Creative). My plans start at $24.95/month.

What’s inside the egg?

Sorry. Trade secret.