John Wurth, Owner - Hatch Creative, LLC

For more than a decade, John Wurth of Hatch Creative has crafted websites, logos, posters, and magazines that people remember.

John moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 1996 and got a job doing real graphic design on a real-live Macintosh. He has worked various graphic design and web design jobs ranging from designing / typesetting direct mail pieces, PC / Macintosh consulting, pre-press operator, Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Web Development Manager to Creative Director for a regional magazine.

His designs have been seen on products by national companies such as Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dallas Stars (NHL team), and local businesses such as Bittners, Dare to Care, Derby City Roller Girls, Historic Homes Foundation, Insight Communications, Louisville Public Media, Peterson-Dumesnil House, Win.Net, WHY Louisville  and Churchill Downs. If it can be printed, he has more than likely designed it. John was also the Creative Director for Sophisticated Living magazine from May 2006 – June 2009, while running the day-to-day operations at Hatch HQ.

John has been doing web design since the good old days when the only available tools were a hammer and chisel on stone slates (AKA: Simpletext and NotePad). He has worked on the Kentucky State Fair 100th Anniversary site, Kentucky Fair and Expo Center’s site, the Muhammed Ali Center site, and tons of local sites, big and small.


Why the name “Hatch?”

Contrary to what some people believe, it is not John’s last name! John wanted to signify that he was starting anew with a renewed vigor. Hatch: The birth of something good.

But, my neighbor’s a “designer”…

These days, it seems like everyone’s doing graphic design, but are they doing it well? Sure, your neighbor will do your brochure for a case of Miller High Life. But, does he really know good design? Just because his new Dell came with a copy of Microsoft Publisher (or shudder…FrontPage) doesn’t mean he will give you the results you’re looking for. Plus, you know he’ll be drinking that beer while he’s working.

Just like everyone that owns a hammer isn’t a homebuilder, it takes more than a computer to be an award-winning web and graphic designer.